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While it often seems that cinema is based on a linear story, design plays a major role in unfolding the cinematic timeline: the opening subtitles allude to the plot, set design indicates the characters background story, costumes express a mood and a period, complete imagined spaces are assembled into to appear on screen. The aspect of time, which introduces technological innovations that expand the expression of design in films, simultaneously mines its own death in the industry. Editing is no longer linear, day is designed as night, buildings crumble only to be rebuilt, objects and motion are written into the image and out of it. The event Design and Time in Cinema explores both areas in the film industry, and who has the upper hand.

20:30  New Storytelling for Futuristic Screens – Yoram Honig

How have design and technology altered the way stories are told through history? From cave paintings and tribal fires to contemporary culture, Yoram Honig asks how can we remain loyal to storytelling despite the complexities that come with technology, offering a glimpse into the future: What will be the future screen; how will visual materials be consumed; and how can we prepare ourselves for the future without losing our value for content?

Yoram Honig has been director of the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund for the past 14 years. As part of his work, he has combined the worlds of content and technology to launch a creative ecosystem in Jerusalem.

21:15-22:30 Three filmmakers and editors in conversation on rewriting time and reality through design, editing, and emotional manipulation in a film. Is there such a thing as designing a documentary film? What is the problem with reality, designing on an Israeli budget, and more.

Participants: Shira Clara Winter, Hadar Friedlich, and Gilad Inbar

Moderator: Binyamin Friedenberg


A series of events in collaboration with the Israeli Editors Guild, the Jerusalem Filmmakers Guild, and the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund.

Participants: Yoram Honig, Yoav Raz, Efi Lifshitz, Hadar Friedlich, Shira Clara Winter, Gilad Inbar

Curators: Binyamin Friedenberg, Noga Brienes

Production: Benny Shklovsky