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As part of Bezalel Academy’s masters program in Industrial Design events – you’re invited to an experiential workshop with Mela studio (Michal Evyatar and Carmel Bar) . The workshop connects food, movement and design and it draws on the ” Ekphrasis” technique where one artistic language is translated to another, specifically translating painting into food.

The participants will be divided into couples, choose a canonical painting of a famous artist and inspired by this painting will invent a multi-sensual eating technique by designing both food and serving dishes.

At the end of the workshop the participants will taste the courses and will guess the source of inspiration.

The workshop will make the normative eating experience look pale and possibly other daily rituals.


12-26 participants.

Culinary knowledge is not needed

Workshop’s length – up to two hours

Wednesday, June 29th, 7pm at Hansen House Garden