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19:00 Eternity and a Half

Two designer couples come together to discuss their choice to work with objects and materials that go beyond the present tense, and their encounter with processing and ephemeral-eternal life.

Featuring Studio Reddish – Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman; Irena Goldberg and Sigal Baranowitz

Led by Galit Gaon, the conversation will be held in Hebrew.

20:00 – Tour of the exhibition Go for Broke, with curator Shahar Kedem

Gaon’s Salon returns to Jerusalem Design Week 2022 as a daily section inviting the audience to join an intimate and enriching conversation with creative individuals, intellectuals and experts on design, science and technology. Together with design curator Galit Gaon, they expand the discussion centered around the themes presented in Design Week, anchoring its content. The Salon is a cross-disciplinary curatorial platform that moves through time and space, and between the digital and physical realms, offering a real-time encounter between the transient and what is yet to come. Situated in the courtyard against the backdrop of the Time Tunnel, Galit Gaon will host detectors of the past and designers of the future local visual culture. Throughout the week, varying exhibitors will meet with a diverse range of researchers and embark on a joint journey through different time zones. This year, the Salon is pleased to introduce a special section dedicated to Animation Union Israel. Each evening, a series of short films will be screened in the Salon, and uploaded in real time to a digital platform for eternal life.