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Thursday, 23.6

Friday, 24.6

Saturday, 25.6

Sunday, 26.6

Monday, 27.6

Tuesday, 28.6

Wednesday, 29.6

Thursday, 30.6

16:00, 17:30

Private Collection

Jonathan creates a rich variety of stage events based on the changing seasons and the cycle of life. The audience is invited to study the performer’s private collections of simple natural elements: clouds, earth, leaves, and water. The children become active partners in the theatrical situation by helping the clouds take off with the wind, keeping the water flowing, and more. Together with his audience, Jonathan creates enchanting worlds of magic and fun, first time experiences, and childhood recollections.

Duration: 50 mins.

The performance is intended for children aged 4 and up

Saturday, 25.6

16:30, 17:00

Space is limited

Co-creation: Jonathan Ben-Haim ([Israel)] and Antonio Catalano ([Italy)]

Performed by: Jonathan Ben-Haim

Direction: Naomi Yoeli

Production: The Train Theater