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The term ‘reaction time’ refers to the interval between stimulation and response. Our absorption, processing, and sensory systems decipher the stimulus, as the information gathered by our senses undergoes cognitive processing, and is encoded in our memory. While we tend to attribute this term to instinctive systems, our body’s communication with the abstract, digital space –  which occupies a central part of our time – produces a disruption in notions of time and space as we know them, challenging our reaction time in these new territories. Reaction Time  is a playful arena within which the exhibiting artists challenge their viewers’ perception of reality and how they process information, producing an elastic experience of time that flows on parallel planes.


Curators: Inbal Reuven, Limor Peretz Samia

Image Design and Code: Olga Stadnuk

Ceramic Artist & Performer: Doron Naama Gelfer

Code Electronics and Sound: Nir Jacob Younessi