Deep Design

Deep Design deals with the possibility of joining forces with science to offer solutions to the monumental challenge of the climate crisis and its impact. After approximately 45% of the world’s coral reefs have recently become extinct due to  heat waves, active action is needed to save them. The Design-Tech Laboratory at the Technion works with marine biologists on developing technologies and methods for the formation of nuclei designed to create alternative coral reefs in appropriate environments, preventing their extinction. The pioneering use of 3D printing of natural ceramic material allows the creation of a large variety of complex shapes adapted to the reef’s environment and biological needs. The study demonstrates high feasibility for the recruitment of fish, sea animals, and planula of reef-building corals. Deep Design requires methods of comprehensive and lengthy scientific research, while the scientific field requires the creativity and knowledge provided by the field of design.

Prof. Ezri Tarazi, Assoc. Prof. Haim Parnas, Ofer Berman, Rotem Ifrach, Adi Krief

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Content Editor: Sheila Osmanov

Photos: Haim Zinger, Matan Yuv2`al, Giovanni Giallongo