“What does Jerusalem need? It does not need a mayor, it needs a circus director, with a whip in hand.” Yehuda Amichai

Jeruscope is an installation depicting the impossible and unavailing narrative of Jerusalem. In a concentrated and concise manner, Jerusalem represents the complex Israeli reality, generated by those who live here. At the heart of the installation are three large zoetrope animation wheels containing images that deal with the sisyphean Jerusalem conduct. The images come to life only when visitors to the installation turn the wheels, giving their consent to become an active part of the sisyphean narrative. The narrative’s existence depends on the visitors’ presence and their ability to rotate.

Manual rotation of the wheel together with the stop-motion animation raises questions about the meaning of the Jerusalem experience, a dialogue of construction and destruction, holiness and fear, majesty and abyss – questions of beauty.


Michal Kastiel, Sara Roffman

College of Management

Department of Visual Communication

Design and Production of Zoetropes: Yaacov Ariel