Bet Movies

Bet Movies reimagines an alternative reality that explores what Israeli cinema might look like if it adopted the style of American B-Movies. Promising posters of horror, fantasy, mystery, and sci-fi films of the 1950s and 1960s, guaranteed sensational subject matter (which the films seldom delivered) through exploitation of the lowest common denominator – violence and sexual content. The posters’ design created films that both exist and do not, triggered by the viewers’ imagination alone. In retrospect, the films captured the social climate of their time, becoming a significant milestone in American popular culture. Employing the art of collage to combine  American illustrations and local narratives, Bet Movies presents a time capsule that reflects prominent cultural-socio-political issues from Israel’s early decades, and questions how contemporary perceptions are mirrored through stories we may have told ourselves, had these films existed.

Or Shkolnik

Creative Consultant: Nimrod Shapira