Cracked Time / The Art Shelter Gallery

Cracked Time presents depictions of nature that express the tension in the soul. It is possible to delve into the depth of the human experience, and by means of deconstructing and reassembling it, new meaning and a new insight on reality can be discovered, shedding light on the existing contradictory forces, in an attempt to create something whole. The series of images expropriates the present moment from its temporal, flat essence, generating alienation toward our natural environment. Laden with layers of meaning, the images  create an overwhelming psychedelic sense, similar to 1960s lights shows, inviting visitors to reach their very own internal conclusion.


Dassi Shalom Nemni, solo exhibition

Curator: Dr. Noa Lea Cohn

Exhibition opening – Sunday 26.6 20:00

Gallery opening hours:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 19:00-22:00

Monday, Wednesday 10:00-14:00