Wandering the streets of the city gives local social and cultural insight, while raising questions about the life of raw materials, as well as objects deemed ‘expired’ by consumer culture, left in the street by their previous owners. During Jerusalem Design Week, ‘ga’ Studio, together with architect Avinoam Sharon and additional designers, will design and construct a series of seating areas made from items that were foraged from the local streets. In this project, the Israeli culture of improvisation is portrayed in all its glory; always searching for a quick fix, something that will hold things together momentarily, without further thought for the long run, leading to whimsical outcomes. Avinoam Sharon’s architectural contribution begins with mapping the trees and paths on site, bringing back the bricolage street culture and the spontaneous origins of place-making. From  primary moments of reciprocity between nature and culture, to the intuitive hanging and building structures among planted trees. Sharon lays out a network of sites for observation and relaxation adaptable to the “genius loci,”  offering a groundwork for organic growth, and for practices of recycling and makeshift design. Guided by an “Israeli street smart” lexicon that was co-created with My Arbib, the collected items are transformed into furniture with a new life span.

May Arbib, Nitzan Shalev, Michal Elzur, Avinoam Sharon