The Joy of the Poor

Similar to a carefully planned embroidery work, different types of edible seeds are germinated in a mandala pattern; The seeds – both the raw material and the palette – were selected for their high nutritious value together with their low cost, and for their color, texture, growth speed and sprouting nature. Placed according to a diagram designed in advance, the seeds will be exposed to basic conditions of air, light, and water. From this point, they will complete the organic craft on their own. Similar to a Tibetan sand mandala, the completion of this mandala is predicted. The laborious precision of laying the seeds leads to sprouting, blurring the boundaries, growing, consumption, withering and composting. At the end of the act, a textile surface is created by the roots, with no glue, needle, or artificial binding; it is a non-woven remnant of a process, but also a material in itself.


Sharon Murro

Video: Ariel Medina