A Good Moment of Destruction

When an era comes to an end, it collects its belongings and vanishes. The earth covers the tracks of the past, and time bears a new story. Thanks to archeology and the meticulous work of documenting and preserving findings, moments of “good” destruction allow objects to be preserved as testimonials of the past, for the future. Ofir Halaly researches and documents, not as an archeologist, but from the point of view of a goldsmith. The piece of jewelry displayed here explores the two-dimensional nature of how artifacts are portrayed and documented in archaeological studies, accompanying them from the time they are dug up from the ground until they reach the desk of an archeologist. “Great is the power of pottery in telling the history of the past ” said sir John Linton Myers, to whom Halaly adds: size doesn’t matter – rather its discovery matters, and the story structured around it.



Ofir Halaly