Give and Take

Every discovery, excavation, and exposure of an archeological site produces an irreversible change. The freezing of time is violated and cannot be undone. Inspired by a sample of an archeological excavation, Give and Take presents the “remains” of invented skeletons, made of kaolin porcelain and fired at 1280 degrees. The skeletons were buried in local soil and now emerge from it. The encounter between frozen porcelain and the breathing soil sheds light on the relations between the materials, a solid “bone” and a soft, accepting ground that envelops and preserves its negative form for tens of thousands of years, until it is dug up from underground and reenters the world. Give and Take was created with soil and natural materials, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. In an age of industrial, composite materials, the use of soil represents the local, natural, and simple. In an endless cycle of creation and the return to the ground, the emergence from the earth is seen here in a new light.

Rona Giladi-Ouannou, Shahar Ouannou