History version 2.0

History Version 2.0 presents layers of images that fill the material thickness of a 3D-printed vessel. Thanks to this technology, the creators of the project were able to compile images depicting stories from Greek mythology at different periods throughout archeological history, and recount them from a new and speculative point of view. The images are organized in overlapping layers on top of one another, with each layer presenting an image from a different period, the outermost layer being the closest to us, both physically and chronologically. The shape of the vessels is influenced by the shape of ancient vessels discovered in the territories of Israel and is printed with advanced technologies developed by Stratasys that enable the production of images in the material thickness, obtaining new overlapping images. History Version 2.0 offers a speculative look at the mythological images and the narratives around them that change throughout history.

 Yuval Harel, Olga Stadnuk

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Israel Antiquities Authority