Sense Stone

Sense Stone symbolizes the convergence of science and design. By assigning a digital function to an object, a manipulation occurs, uncovering a natural, hideen, and timeless process. The object is a rock formed tens of millions of years ago. Since then, it has wandered and been altered by the elements, reaching the Dead Sea shores. To study how rocks move in this stormy, turbid environment, tiny motion sensors were implanted into them. The researcher, as a designer, uses advanced technologies to create a new object which measures its motion two-hundred times a second over ten days. Intervening in the rock enables a new glimpse into an environment that has hitherto been unknown. The metamorphosis that the stone undergoes is a turning point in its existence. From matter moving in space, it turns into a sensing object, encapsulating relations between humans and nature.

 Haggai Eyal, Yoav Balaban

Design and printing of the sensor housing: Slava Kofman

The project is a part of Haggai Eyal PhD thesis conducted in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Geological Survey of Israel, under the supervision of Prof. Yehouda Enzel and Prof. Nadav Lensky