DEBUG Yourself

In the year 2050 the world will face a global food crisis. This discouraging forecast has led mankind to seek new sources of food, prominent among them is insect protein. However, while in some countries eating insects is acceptable and familiar, many people in Western countries have difficulty with the very thought of eating insects – even if they are concealed as a powder ingredient in an energy snack or pasta. DEBUG Yourself offers ways to overcome the gap, and the mental and psychological barriers when it comes to eating insects. The project consists of eight chocolate pralines, each praline simulating a different aspect of the experience of insect consumption: appearance, sensation, texture, and more. With the exception of the last praline, none of the pralines contain insects – but they confront the user with the thought of eating them.


Nitzotz Saranga

The project was developed as part of Bachelor studies at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, the Department for Industrial Design. Advisor: Liora Rosin.