Shokuyō, Japanese for edible, broadly refers to nourishment and vitality. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the food delivery industry, as well as the use of disposable plastic products. Single-use plastic has a short life span, and its disposal creates waste harmful to the environment. This causes ocean and coastal pollution, pollution of open spaces, and affects the cost of waste elimination. In Israel, the average use of disposable plastic is significantly high, ranging at about 7.5 kilos per person a year, almost five times more than in Europe. Based on these facts, Shokuyō offers a simple solution to reduce the use of disposable plastic and minimize waste by creating edible dining ware with a limited life span. The dishes are edible plates made of rice paper and Nori seaweed sheets, designed to be eaten with Asian cuisine, and Asian inspired flavors. By becoming part of the meal itself, Shokuyō leaves behind zero-waste, literally.



Dafna Noam Gofer, May Kassirer, DeeDee Regev