Jerusalem is an eternal city. A place where past, present, and future intersect. The city constitutes a space where time shapes new identities, while at the same time putting others in danger of extinction. Time can be calculated, evaluated, and measured in many ways; From the wear and tear of a material, through the roughness of a worker’s hands, to the precision of an experienced hand’s motion. Finally – even facial features reveal our stage in the journey of time. Matchmaker 2022 concerns an interim connection: eight connections were made between senior craftsmen and young contemporary designers, spawning a series of new products. Although the curating process began as an exhibition-oriented operation, it became nothing less than a task of documenting, locating, and preserving the work of the craftsmen. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and its circumstances over the last two years turned the spotlight on seniors; their loneliness, vulnerability, and distress in the face of what is happening in the world. This year,  Matchmaker aims the spotlight from a different angle, one that emphasizes and strengthens the ability, knowledge, and wisdom they carry, and the power to pass them on to us – future generations. This is the Matchmaker’s fifth edition, which was originally initiated by curator Daniel Nachmias, who is joined this year by Gretel Judith Scheiner. The project aims to link local artisans with young designers in Jerusalem, thus weaving a local network of creativity, economy, and production. Each year, the project reveals its true power – not only in the selected products on display, but most importantly in what is not seen in the exhibition – encounters that breathe life into a disappearing professional sector, and young designers seeking local identity.



Curator: Daniel Nahmias – Studio ZAZ

Curator: Gretel Judith Scheiner – Unicas Productions

Curatorial Assistant: Shady Francis Magelton

Field Photography, Video Editing, and Stills: Keren Rosenberg

Packshot Photography: Oded Antman

Branding and Graphic Design: Gil Posner – Proper Studio

Geffen Yamin

Tova Peneri

Yael Friedman

Eitan Posner

Assaf Cohen

Shem Tov Mar Haim

Neomi Chana Shtilman

Yad LaKashish

Magdy Nader Ashhab

Amal Jamil Hamadiya Sabah

Naama Lahav

 Hava Katzir

Bat El Hirsch

Moshe Kitzels

Georgina and Raphael Abboud

 Aryeh Templehof