Qumrah is an educational and social photographic project. Photographers and teenagers from East Jerusalem accompany each other on a journey of documentation through the city. Using an analog camera, the urban environment is captured through a lens in black and white, bustling with residents and tourists, food, transportation, buildings, and everyday situations that a complex city like Jerusalem has to offer. The analog photography offers a new-old portrait of the city, while it requires deep observation of the surroundings. Developing the images is a lengthy process. In a dark room emitting red light, the project combines a traditional process that obeys strict chemical laws with an experimental development process that examines the boundaries of the medium and the city.

Paley Art Center

Address: 1 Al Ahtal street

Opening Hours: Sun-Fri 11:00-19:00


Curator: Hanna Kobti

Photographers: Amal Matar, Saja Qutina, Linda Kateb, Giovanni Faqusa, and Jack Sahwani.

Participating teenagers: Mohammed Abu Rumaila | Mohammed Abu Sneina | Issa Dweik | Hala Rajabi | Amal Fakih | Maya Masalma | Magad Damiri | Adam Barack Youssef Tamimi | Musa Owaisat | Lama Talhemi | Raheeq Adel Quttaineh | Israa Diab | Nermin Salimi | Aya Abu Dakhl | Mahmoud Safi | Fahad Mujahid | Ahmed Mishaal | Anaya Halak |Sujood Jaabis | Mohamed Hisham Obaid | Mohamed Obaid | Shahd Ruwaidhi | Maysa Qambar | Lina Shweiki