Perhaps it can be said that in March 2020, interpersonal communication changed forever. The Zoom platform instantly transformed from an anonymous software into a routine reality that draws human interaction from a world stopped. Inside this platform, users are expected to constantly be present, their image framed as a moving portrait. A camera is on, a nod of agreement, an attentive look – presence was required even more so than in the physical space. Off screen, personal space, home space, and the workplace collided, merging with one another. In the midst of the first lockdown, the artist found himself staring at his reflection on screen, wondering about the nature of representation in that square. Seven-second videos of the artist’s nodding figure in a Zoom background demonstrate the relationship between availability and visibility, seeking to understand how one can do the impossible – meet society’s expectation of constant presence while running a household and family life under lockdown.


Ron Yosef