In an age defined by the acronym VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) the cognitive load generates a decline in self-efficacy, leading to passive behaviors such as procrastination, increased consumption, and apathy. These moments of apathy are mainly expressed through passive use of technology known as ‘screens-apathy.’ The long hours we spend in front of screens blur the boundaries between our “work time” and “leisure time,” while tech giants take advantage of these passive moments, maintaining them by employing UI tricks and promoting sponsored content. Endless scrolling, videos that play with no initial click, and the automatic next episode, are all consumer-oriented tools. Using computer vision technology, UN_APATHY MOVEMENT is a web tool for measuring, reflecting, and motivating action from a state of ‘screens-apathy’. Its purpose is to unleash the automatic mechanism of an apathetic response, allowing its users, through exposure to stimulating physical skill, to make conscious and sober decisions.


Bili Regev

Code: Or Kislev