What Waits at the End of the Line

Our culture is obsessed with saving time. However, while we sanctify being as fast, up-to-date, and efficient as possible, we find ourselves wasting a lot of time standing in line. At the airport, bank, in traffic, or the pharmacy, we have no control and no choice but to wait in line. Why do we put up with standing in line this way? After all, time – the rarest of resources in our day and age – is wasted when we are tied up together with other victims, identical to us, some of whom got to be before us and others who are (God forbid) far behind. What is the nature of this quiet understanding between man and product, man and destination, that leaves us to wait many an hour in lines? This work was born from the desire to make the most of the time, and as a result of the bitterness of having to wait in long lines. By documenting and contemplating fellow line-waiters, perhaps the discrepancy can be unraveled between the infinite aspiration to save time and the infinite lines in which we wait over the course of our lives.

Roni Azgad-Hamburger