The Looper

The Looper explores our complex relationship with time and efficiency in light of contemporary lifestyle. Concept drawings and neon works are displayed throughout the building, along with an interactive sonic and performative space. Together, they  offer various perspectives on the perception of time, presenting our existence as non-linear – a constant accumulation of repeated loops. Visitors are invited to participate in an accumulative sound structure in the sonic and performative space, wherein a sound designer, using a looping device, captures their contributions, turning them into a sonic collaborative manifestation of the now. By means of consideration of visitors’ traces, a performer engages in practices of repetition and transformation, embodying captivation of the present. The black and white concept drawings present ideas stripped down to a pointed formulation in the shape of a concise statement, an unresolved question or a witty remark.


Aldo Giannotti , Paolo Monti, Karin Pauer