Uncertified Copy

Memory is illusive. We remember just as we perceive, selectively. The mind does not record reality. It does not retain perfect replicas of past occurrences. A scenario that took place in real life is encoded, stored, and later retrieved through an imagined reenactment of what happened: the past – redesigned. You can feel it, practically see it, but it is not there anymore. It is merely a memory, redesigned and played back in your mind – your personal projector – as an uncertified copy of the past. Uncertified Copy is an audio-visual narrative installation comprising four childhood memories. A combination of moving images, fragments, evidence, and sound, each memory is reconstructed into a meticulously organized forensic investigation board, inviting viewers to participate in the investigation of the represented “truth.” By means of a new kind of storytelling, the investigation board changes and moves in an endless loop, reorganizing the memory narrative and creating a void that introduces new types of digital media composed of dated photographs and documents that mix past and present, old and new, now and then. Just like a memory.



 Yael Moinester